‘The Mills on the River Blackwater and its Tributaries’ Tuesday 22 Sept At 8.00pm The Old School, Benburb


The talk by Sebastian Graham will discuss the origin and development of the mills located in the Blackwater river valley from the river’s source to the rapid torrents at Benburb.

It will also present new information and research techniques relating to mills throughout N. Ireland through an ongoing mapping programme and how our industrial heritage is being recorded and made into an accessible format for everyone to see. Each mill has its own unique history and characters. Unfortunately many of the buildings have been demolished or converted and only a fraction are left in their original state.

The legacy and preservation of the mills has been largely ignored. Linen and flax were the lifeblood of the local economy for over 250 years until the 1960s. However little is known by todays generation. Not only were there linen and flax mills, the talk will also explore the spade and flour mills on the river.

Sebastian will also display some items of interest relative to the area which have been recently discovered.

The talk will be the first of the ONeill Country Historical Society’s  Autumn Programme of Lectures





Refreshments Served & All are Welcome