Talk on Tuesday 16th April 2024 at 8.00 pm The Great Famine in the Powerscourt Estate Part II Speaker Dr Dónal McAnallen

The ONeill Country Historical Society’s next talk will be Dr Donal McAnallen’s second part of his research into the famine in the Powerscourt Estate in Benburb, last month’s lecture saw the lead-up to the Great Famine as far as 1846, this talk will examine efforts to respond to hunger, deprivation and pressure from tenants on the Benburb estate.

These initiatives included rent reductions; soup kitchens in local villages; public works such as drainage and even re-routing the Oona River; and a field hospital for the Moy and Benburb.
The role of local estate officials, landowners, clergy, Orangemen and secret societies will be discussed.
Special attention will be given to the impact of the Whig government’s changing Famine relief
policies at a local level and on the Earl of Roden, who oversaw the Benburb estate during this
tumultuous period. The talk will conclude by outlining how tenants’ inability to pay rents led to
evictions, an upsurge in emigration during 1848, and estate officials planning for a large-scale
assisted emigration scheme.
The final talk in this trilogy, to be held in May, will investigate how the assisted emigration scheme was carried out in the spring of 1849, and the enduring effects of Famine and flight on the Benburb district.

                   Please come along to the Benburb Priory on Tuesday 16th April @8pm