Dúiche Néill Volume 6


6th journal of The O Neill Country Historical Society. Released in 1991

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  • Charlemont before the Boyne – by Art P. O Dálaigh
  • Arson , Bravado and conciliation: Moydistrict 1920 – by Charles Dillon
  • Captain Hamilton of Newcastle and the Battle of Benburb – by Clive Hollick
  • Feall agus faicsean – by Pádraig Ó hÁdhmaill
  • “An aphorismical discovery of treasonable faction” (1641-1652) – by Proinsias Ó Conluain
  • Huguenots in Benburb? Possible origins of the Runnett family in Sessiaghmagaroll, Part II – by Chad Luddington
  • Edward Boyd Barrett and the Great O Neill – by Proinsias Ó Conluain
  • Some early families of te Minterburn/Caledon area – by Brendan McAnallen
  • The Blackwater shrine – by Cormac Bourke
  • The schools of carnteel in the 19th century – by Mona Wylie
  • Rent roll for the manor of Balteagh 1770 – by Rev John M. Batchelor