Talk on Wednesday 29th November at 8pm – O’Sullivan Beare, the last Irish Chieftain

The O Neill Country Historical Society’s final talk of the year will be given by Michael Harnett. Michael sits on our committee and, until very recently, was the society’s treasurer.

Michael comes from the Waring family and still lives in their 17th-century ancestral home in Waringstown. His early work was in the computing industry, which gives him a different perspective on research, compared to some others, he is very much involved in farming and renewable energy and has also served as chairperson of the renewables committee of the Farmers Union.

Michael’s grandfather, Edward St.C Harnett, started this research into their Irish ancestor, the last Irish chieftain, Donal Cam O Sullivan Beare, who can trace their roots back 3,000 years to the Milesian invasion of Ireland. Michael finished his grandfather’s work and published a book on both their findings on the Beare.

This talk will be a series of talks on the subject of the last Irish chieftain, Donal Cam O Sullivan Beare, and will start with the civilization of Ireland, carry onto Christianity, the Brehon laws, and the final talk on the man himself. The Great O Sullivan Beare.

Please join us on Wednesday 29th November at 8 pm at Benburb Priory to hear how it all began