Dúiche Néill Volume 5


5th journal of The O Neill Country Historical Society. Released in 1990

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Glenarb and its crosses – by Brendan McAnallen
An investigation into the magificent crosses to be found in and around the Tynan estate

The red hand of Ulster – by Proinsias Ó Conluain
The author traces the folklore about the famous symbol from pre-historic times

The schools of Caledon and Clonfeacle in the 19th century – Mona Wylie
Starting with the bardic schools,the history of education is traced in detail in the parishes of Caledon and Clonfeacle

The decline of the vernacular house – Joseph B. Cullinane
A study of the houses of the ordinary people in the area South and West of Lough Neagh since the plantation

Murder at Aughnacloy 1818 – by Charles Dillon
The article outlines two murders, the evidence presented at the trial and newspaper reports at the time

The possible origins of the Runnett family of Sessiaghmagaroll – by Chad Luddington
This intensive study attempts to trace the origins of a local family since c.1680

The name Cluain Fiacla – an additional note – Nollig O’Snodaigh
An attempt to define the meaning of the name of the parish of Clonfeacle

The Portadown to Dungannon railway – by Damien Woods
A history of the railway and its construction with a look at its buildings and amenities

The burial records of Old Eglish, 1750-57 and 1770-75 – by Rev J.M. Batchelor
A very valuable list has been made available to anyone searching for records of ancestors