Dúiche Néill Volume 8


8th journal of The The O Neill Country Historical Society. Released in 1993

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  • Documents from Dungannon – by Proinsias Ó Conluain
  • Thomas Gubby alias Hughes -by Réamonn Ó Muirí
  • Thomas Reid’s Travels – by Bridget McAnallen
  • Saint Patrick’s Church, Clonfeacle – by Mona Wylie
  • Saint Patrick’s Churchyard Clonfeacle – by Mona Wylie
  • Gravestone Inscriptions: Saint Patrick’s Church Clonfeacle – by George and Mona Wylie
  • Thomas Russell – by Margaret McGinty
  • Armagh Public library -by Very Reverend Herbert Cassidy (Dean of Armagh)
  • Huntsmen of the Blackwater Basin – by Art P. Ó Dálaigh
  • Two head cases – Encountered by -Tony Ó Roirdan